Our Service company includes the 100% of management of the needs of any audiovisual project. We make easy the shooting task, by optimising your resources and by making available all our relationships, contacts, resources and experience in the audiovisual field.

Integral management.

We realize the integral management of 100 % of the production. We offer service of local production in Romania, Canary Islands or where your project needs it.

Planning and Coordination of resources.

Services of Location.


Permissions of filming and recording.

Technical and Artistics equipments.

Selection and management of providers. We offer a wide network of providers that it adapts to the needs and to the budget of every project.

Agenda with the best technical and creative professionals

Rent of material, cameras, lighting, grip, sets of filming

Air filmings

Rent of sets

In Studio Indie Service “We are part of your project”


Since several years Romania hosts one of the most active film markets in Europe.

Foreign films “have come here attracted by low costs, the quality of technicians, the infrastructure, the variety of landscapes and the urban spaces to film”. Since more than ten years, more than a hundred of foreign productions, related to all kind of style or historical period, have been produced and filmed here. Some of them have won prizes in international film festivals. First foreign films have been filmed in Romania at the beginning of the early 90’s and “since then new film sets have been built, a material base of equipment has been created and professionals are increasingly more prepared and trained in the way American films are done”.


Romania hosts a set of incomparable locations, whether it is about shooting outside with a wide range of natural resources, landscapes, monuments and traditional villages, as well as urban areas with the most modern scenes and buildings. If it is about to shoot indoor there are several studios equipped with the most modern facilities.

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Romanian professionals are used to work with international teams and to speak several languages. We count on a wide professional network that takes on all kind of profiles: scriptwriters, directors, actors, technical staff, set designers, costume designers, extras… In Romania you can find full professional teams in order to satisfy any production need with very competitive costs.

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A new offer in accommodation, gastronomy and leisure turn Romania into an attractive place to any external production, whether it is about urban or natural scenes.

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Our experience allows us to state that any foreign production will find in Romania that the production costs will be lower by at least a 30% than any other European scene.


Romania is member of the European Union and the United Nations.

It has a population of almost 20 million people.

An area of 240.000 km 2

Capital: Bucharest, with a population of 2 million people.

Romanian currency is the Roman “leu”, “lei” in plural, 1 euro equals 4.5 lei.

UTC +2 Time zone

The weather is Continental and mild, with differences among the four seasons.

The population is Romanian by 89%, although there are other ethnic minorities. The 87% of the population is orthodox Catholic.

There are several phone operators in the country and there is Wi-Fi in the main places.

The emergency number is 112.


It has 2 airports in Bucharest and 14 in the rest of the country.

It has 3 big ports in the Black Sea and 4 in the Danube.

Romania has more than 16.000 kilometres of main roads and motorways and more than 17.000 kilometres of railways.