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STUDIO INDIE CAPITAL PARTNERS is a company from Canary Islands. It pursues the funding of audiovisual projects in the STUDIO INDIE group. In order to provide productions done in the Canary Islands or capital investments in audiovisual productions in the Islands, Studio Indie is based on the benefits of the Special Tax Regime of the Canary Island. STUDIO INDIE CAPITAL MARKETS offers soft money and finance in return for shooting feature films, fiction tv series, documentaries, animations, and everything partly in the Canary Islands.

SICP offers two types of funding:

  1. Foreign productions that will be take part partly in the Canary Islands: SICP will advance the accrued government payment in order to assume a range of costs.
  2. Productions of any nationality: SICP directs private capital from the Canary Islands towards the production of them. That is, SICP mediates between the investors from the Canary Islands (funding bidders) and the producers (funding applicants). It will benefit both parts: tax benefits to the first ones and privileged funding to the second ones.

Obviously, both parts have to meet certain requirements to obtain these tax benefits. Among some requirements, the film producer must make part of its production and shooting in the Canary Islands. This territory offers characteristics that bring added value to the production in most cases: various locations and landscapes in the same geographical space, the weather and the number of daylight hours. All of that in an environment that gives advantages to business activity: legal security because of the membership of the European Union and sectorial experience in production services (in international productions such as “Clash of the Titans”, “Fast and Furious”, “Exodus”, the recently released “The heart of the seas”, or the shooting of the last film of the “Bourne” saga).

SICP develops three models, one, the “TAX REBATE” for the first type of funding, and two, the “EQUITY FUND” and the “TAX CREDIT” for the second one.

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