Who we are?

Studio Indie is an audiovisual consortium. It is made up of several enterprises and professionals of this sector with a deep experience in the development of production services, the funding, the service and the post-production of any audiovisual product.

In 2015 we start with a bond of several companies and professionals of this sector such as Babieka, Kanzamán, Jesús del Cerro and Cinelab. All of them were linked with the film sector and had a vast experience by directing and managing large-scale productions. The final goal was to develop film projects related to the fiscal reality in the territory of the Canary Islands (Spain) and to provide to producers a good environment in order to manage their project. The result of this bond is Studio Indie and its three sections: Studio Indie Productions, dedicated to production services; Studio Indice Services aimed at providing Service services; and Studio Indie Capital Partners, a section that offers funding and co-funding services.

Currently we are located in Spain, Romania, France, Morocco and Monaco among other countries.


International presence 

Thanks to their members and their partners, Studio Indie has a strong international presence and a vast capacity of performing and development in several European markets.

All our available services

Our goal is to totally satisfy every need related to the audiovisual sector. Studio Indie enterprises cover all kind of services resulting from the audiovisual production: production, service, post-production and funding. This let us offer a flexible, easy and full coverage, a fast and efficient work and the most competitive rates.


Studio Indie endorses your audiovisual product by meeting your needs and by getting involved with the funding. You can maximise your investment and obtain financial support if you are interested in the co-investment. We work with several investors who believe in the cinema market and who are interested in the tax benefits produced by working from the Canary Islands.


All the Studio Indie members are enterprises and professionals with recognised experience in the audiovisual sector. They work in different fields such as direction, production, post-production and funding.